High Quality California Chardonnay and Merlot.  Half Bottle.  Two FULL glasses.

FLASQ™ Wines are HIGH QUALITY California varietals that appeal to both novice and sophisticated wine drinkers.

FLASQ™ bottles are specially coated to prevent contact between the wine and aluminum, thereby preserving the taste from the barrel to the glass.

Nontransparent packaging prevents light exposure, thereby eliminating “light-shock”.

Wide mouth screw cap opening allows for additional aeration when drinking straight from the container, prevents oxidation and maintains freshness.


2012 Merlot – California
100% California
13.5% Alcohol 

Dark cherry aromas topped with a rich veneer of mocha and chocolate. 


2010 Merlot – California
100% California
13.5% Alcohol
Cocoa, berries & spice



2009 Merlot – San Luis Obispo County
85% - 2009 San Luis Obispo County (Paso Robles)
15% - 2008 Monterey County (San Antonio Valley)
13.9% Alcohol
Ripe red berries and blackberries with a hint of spice


2012 Chardonnay – California Central Valley
100% Chardonnay
13.5% Alcohol

Smooth, ripe pineapple and hints of Bartlett pear with a long, juicy finish and crisp acidity



2010 Chardonnay – California
100% Chardonnay
13.5% Alcohol

Rich pear and ripe pineapple with a hint of butterscotch



2009 Chardonnay – Monterey County
100% Chardonnay
13.5% Alcohol
Rich pear and ripe pineapple with a hint of butterscotch


2009 Cuvée Blanc – Alexander Valley

80% - Sauvignon Blanc
20% - Viognier & Muscat Blend
13.5% Alcohol
Semi-sweet with tropical, apricot and peach notes;
slight effervescence

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